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Where is the german Obama?

Barack Obama
Barack Obama, President of the United States of America; Source:

He´s everywhere: The man of hope. The man of the future. He achieved the hearts of many Americans and the rest of the world. I´m a little bit jealous of the American people. They have a president who understands to call up millions of people. Who do we have? Dr. Merkel? Steinmeier? They don´t have any chance to call us up. They didn´t achieve the hearts of many Germans or the rest of the world.

Okay, you could say: “Hey, you had such an influential, such an effecting person. But he was negative: Hitler!”. These two persons just have one thing in common: both have  mobilized hundred-thousands or millions of people. But – why? Just because of their personality. I´m not quite sure, if Obama´s programme is just the best, but he can advertise himself and his programme in a fantastic way. It´s a fact, that Hitler´s programme was anything else but progressive,  constructive or positive.  And I think – because of that German former chancellor and president there is a frightening towards politicians who can manipulate in such a way. And maybe that´s one of the reasons why our politicians – like Merkel or Steinmeier – are so boring. But, wait: once there was a big person who was better than the others: Gerhard Schröder. But, anyway: We have to destroy this frightening and should copy the Obama-Story! We need somebody who wakes us up, who catches us and brings us back to life! We need a German Barack Hussein Obama!